What's Included

53 page downloadable PDF
2 Behind the Scenes session videos 2 Editing Videos
“Brushing at the Beach” Brush Set

What You Will Learn

-How to prepare for a session involving pre teens and teenage children

-Tips on collaborating with parents to fully prepare for the session

-Sample questions to include in a pre session questionnaire
-Location tips to make the most of your session

-Prompts to use with families with teens to get real engagement and interaction

-Strategies to deal with the teens who do not want to engage in the session

-Prompts for families that have a wide age gap in children
-Secondary benefits to photographing families with teens

-Behind the Scenes footage of how I run a session with teens and a session with a wide age range

-Editing videos of photos from the BTS sessions
-Editing video that uses the included brush set, “Brushing at the Beach”

Let's Do This

Ready to take your family sessions with teens to the next level?!

I'm here to help. These sessions can be just as fun as those with small children who still jump and cuddle in their parents' laps. You can come away feeling just as fulfilled I promise!

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